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A solid bronze sculpture from Russell Young's first series of sculptures, the Bankrobber man is cast from a solider that Russell used to play with as a child, The black patina is created from pigments hand mixed by Russell and applied at his foundry in California.

The Bankrobber series of sculptures was inspired by the "American Envy" series of paintings. Russell Young's 'American Envy' series of paintings is an examination of American society, and addresses the idea of the American dream, exposing its fragility. By way of explanation, he says: "Am I asking you to witness my own personal souring of the American dream, or are you being given a deeper glimpse of my lifelong obsession with American Counterculture?"

Unique sculpture in bronze with a black patina
Approximately depending on the soldier 3 ¼  x  1¾  x  ¾ inches